The Comparison of Beasts: Tata Safari Vs Hyundai Alcazar

Tata Safari and the Hyundai Alcazar, both are the leading and most loved SUVs in India. Aren’t they? They’re the best, without a question. But which one to buy? Yes, we all have been there. When it comes to choosing the best of the two, it’s a difficult task. SUVs are the most demanded in India, because of their design and their spacious design, everyone loves these cars. But choosing the best one is not that, we all aren’t that lucky to purchase both cars. 

So, let’s select from the best? Let’s start with the main and most important start of the blog.  

1. Tata Safari Vs Hyundai Alcazar: Styling

1.1 Styling Of Tata Safari and Hyundai Alcazar

The Tata Safari is a bit taller, wider, and longer it translates in a better proportion and an imposing presence. The Alcazar has a full-sized grille chrome that attracts the right amount of attention, it has better detailing in the car bumpers and headlamps. The Tata Safari has the same details as the Alcazar. 

The main difference between the two SUVs is their extended rear sections. The Alcazar is more lengthened the wheelbase by 150mm to accommodate the car row of seats, the Tata Safari on the other hand has extended the overhang by 63 mm. The Alcazar has a flatter roof and a darkened C-pillar, the safari cars have softer lines that seem to get better as a design. Both the car sits on 18-inch wheels. 

The Alcazar has a large two-part LED lighting and a wide chrome band. The Tata Safari has similar variations but the Safari looks better with the contoured rear section. 

Style | Tata Safari Vs Hyundai Alcazar

2. Tata Safari Vs Hyundai Alcazar: Feature

2.1) Features 

Features are the ones that define a car. 

Features Hyundai AlcazarTata Safari
Infotainment10.20-inch touchscreen display8.8-inch touchscreen display 
Parking SensorsFront and rear Rear
Powered Driver seat8-way6-way
Panoramic Sunroof yesyes
Powered BootYesNo
Automatic Climate controlYesYes
Parking SensorsFront and rearRear

Winning Side: Hyundai Alcazar 

Alcazar offers both front and rear parking sensors. Whereas the Tata Safari is missing the front parking sensors, Tata Safari offers a 7-inch digital display and the Alcazar offers a 10-inch display. Alcazar has a 360-degree camera, blind view monitor, air purifier, and AQI. 

The safari on the other hand provides a better off-road experience, better and comfortable seats. And the special Tata Safari feature is known as ‘BOSS MODE’. In the Boss mode, the passenger behind the co-driver can recline the backrest, slide the co-driver, and own a seat to free more room.

If you’re looking for a better feature then you should go with Hyundai Alcazar and if you want more comfort then the Tata safari can be a good option. 

Interior | Tata Safari Vs Hyundai Alcazar

3. Safety Feature

3.1) Safety feature of the two SUVs

Safety is the most important feature that one looks at in a car. Safety is something we all prefer over comfort. 

When it comes to safety both cars have the best and impressive safety features. The Hyundai alcazar has the better leader in terms of safety as it provides us with brake assist and Tata Safari has no brake assist. Safari provides you with the Hill decent control and alcazar doesn’t. Both the cars provide the buyers with 6 airbags present in drivers, co-drivers, and curtains side, both have ensured that it provides its users with the best safety measures.

4. Price 

      4.1) Pricing of both the cars


Hyundai Alcazar

Tata Safari
Entry-level (Ex-showroom)16.30 lakhs- 18.01 lakhs14.99 Lakhs- 17.81 Lakhs
Mid-level (Ex-Showroom)18.22 Lakhs- 19.55 Lakhs18.61 Lakhs- 20.20 Lakhs
Top-level (Ex-Showroom)19.78 Lakhs-20.14 Lakhs20.35 Lakhs- 21.81 Lakhs

5. Engine and Power

The Hyundai Alcazar has a definite advantage over the Safari. The Alcazar is equipped with a 2.0- liter petrol engine. And it provides the user with 156.9 bhp of power and 191 Nm of peak torque. 


There isn’t any best of these two because both the cars are the best in their own ways. Safari is for those who would like more comfort, more power, and a 3rd row. However, Hyundai Alcazar can be your choice if you’re looking for a 7-seater SUV. 

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