5 Important Tips for Windshield Wiper of Your Car

Windshield wiper is used to remove rain, snow, ice, washer, water from a vehicles operator can better see what’s ahead of them. 

The windshield is there on the front window of the vehicle, which provides visibility while protecting occupants from the elements. Modern windshields are generally made of laminated safety glass, a type of treated glass with safety.

There are 5 tips for your windshield car wiper as follows:

  1.  Clean the windshield, but with soapy water

Dirty windshield is more likely to be scratched. So, clean the windshield with a soapy water.

Remember to use a microfibre cloth to clean the windshield. This would be Gentle on your car. Stay away from rags that can potentially leave small scrapes behind.

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  1.  Get new windshield wipers every once in a while 

If your car windshield wiper did not replace for ages, this can be cause of concern. This is because of the rubber of the wiper blades can wear over time. Then the metal present underneath can become exposed. The metal can put scratches on the surface of the glass when you turn on the wiper.

So, it is important to replace wiper time to time to prevent from scratches and make sure you replace the wiper blades.

Getting good blades from time to time can improve visibility as well.

  1.  Don’t use the wipers dry to avoid scratches

Motor accidents are more likely to happen on a rainy day rather than on a cheerful sunny day. The wipers are there to let us see better in the rain or snow. So, with the windshield wipers, you can still watch the road even if it is pouring cats and dogs.

  1.  Check, use and refill the wiper fluid regularly.

Wiper fluids act as the lubricant making the movement of the windscreen wipers across the glass, less harsh. So don’t forget to generously refill the wiper fluid in your car as and when needed.

You should always give the wiper fluid the attention you would give to your car’s other automotive fluids.

  1. A stitch in time

They say a stich in time saves nine. The same goes for car’s windshield. The bigger issue is when the scratch is deep. If you don’t to anything about a deep scratch, it can grow bigger in the time and can leave you the metaphorical equivalent of a pounding headache.



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