Everything around us whether living or nonliving requires maintenance i.e. some steps which enable their growth. This is necessary for a longer life period of that thing. The human body requires additional substances like nutrients, and water to grow as well as to ensure cleanliness. Likewise, our cars need regular cleaning to not allow the accumulation of any dust particles on them. Further, it also requires additional things such as oiling for it to work well. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to learn some car maintenance tips to increase the life of the cabin on Ford Cars.

A car consists of different parts which are in turn made up of different materials. It becomes important to ensure separate measures for each of the parts to increase its longevity which in turn will increase your car’s life. This blog will give you part-by-part car maintenance tips that you can easily follow for your Ford Car.



Wiper Blades | Ford Car Maintenance Tips
Wiper Blades

While cleaning the windshield of the car it is important to ensure that the viper is at the extreme position from the resting position. Make sure to not apply too much force in the process. As the application of excessive force can lead to damage of the viper.

How to check if the viper is in fit condition? For this check, the pattern formed on the windshield after switching on the viper. If you find horizontal or vertical stripes or some spots or flakes on the windshield, then it is the indication of the damaged adhesive tape. in such conditions, viper needs replacement.



Follow the Car Maintenance tips below to increase the battery life of your Ford Car and ensure its proper functioning:

  1. Make sure to not operate the battery under the lack of power for a long time. This will damage the battery reducing its life. Avoiding the use of radio, charging points, and the car interior lights after the engine is off can reduce the damages.
  2.  Make sure to shut all the trunks and doors properly. If the doors remain open then the door indicator light will be on, thus wasting power unnecessarily.
  3.  You can use a battery jumper at times to start the engine on if it is exhibiting any problem.
  4.  If you are not using the car for a long time, remove the negative cable of the battery. This will prevent the low discharge of the battery of the car.


Tyres | Ford Car Maintenance Tips

Make sure to get the tyre pressure checked regularly. High tyre pressure reduces comfort during a ride while a low tyre pressure makes the car consume more fuel. In addition to this, the difference in left and right tyre pressure, causes the car to deviate from the actual path it had to take. This increases the chance of accidents.

Following tips can help you check if your tyre is developing some pressure problem or not:

  1. If your tyre looks like that in the first image, then it is an indication of high air pressure. It is better to have a professional check the pressure .
  2. If the tyre looks the same as in the second image, then it is an indication of low air pressure. It is advisable to get the air pressure checked again to avoid the circumstances which may arise due to neglect.
  3. The third image indicates unequal air pressure in the tyre.
  4. While the fourth image suggests defective wheel suspension which needs immediate attention. This will lower the chances of any damage.
  5. The fifth image indicates that the braking wheels are stuck. This is an alerting situation requiring immediate attention.


Dirt, grease, and dust gets accumulated on the hub due to the movement of a vehicle. Further, the hub becomes hot at high speed easily. The accumulation of excessive dust and high temperature combined can lead to the surface turning yellow. Proper, detailing washing of the car is advisable to get rid of this. The steps of washing the car are in detail in the next point.


Car Paint
Car Paint

Avoid scraping the surface of the car with keys or any such sharp object. When the car is left in the open for a long time, cover it to ensure the paint does not fade away. This will also prevent the accumulation of dust. You should keep these maintenance tips in mind for the proper functioning of the car.


Car Interiors | Ford Car Maintenance Tips
Car Interiors

Clean the seats of the car showing stains with a mild detergent mixed in water. Wipe the seats with a dry cloth immediately after the wash. Plastic consoles and dashboards can also follow the same process for their cleaning. In case the stain does not go, then soda water can also be used.

  1. To clean the carpet area, clean the foot mats without wetting the car floor. Dust the mats before washing them with mild soap water. Wipe the mat with a dry cloth immediately after the wash.
  2. Make sure to never bleach or dry the safety belt which can reduce its strength. Always use neutral sappy water to clean it followed by drying with a cloth.


Mix any mild detergent powder in soapy water and scrub it off with a cloth lightly. Don’t be too rough as it can cause scratches on the surface. For the parts which have turned to a different color like wheel hub, repeat the same process.

Also, make sure to get your car serviced professionally at least once a month from a branded chain or the manufacturing company only. We at AutoFlipz provide complete car solutions including services at affordable prices for all brands.

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