Car modification in India |Legal or not

Car Modification is a change or alternation, usually to make something work better.

Car modification; when you buy a car and want to modify it by its look, colour, design etc. is known as car modification.

We want to modify our car to look better and different from all other cars. It doesn’t mean whether the car is new or old. Here are the things that you must know before you get your car modified in India.

Are modified cars illegal in India?

The Supreme Court of India on January 2019 rules that no motor vehicles in the country can be modified in such a way which makes the data about the car differ from the modified version of the car.

Any changes to the car’s chassis or engine have also been termed illegal. So, it can land you into some serious trouble.

Which car modification is illegal in India?

Any modification that deviates from the manufacturer’s specifications is not legal.

Tyre Width | Car Modification
Tyre Width
  1. Width of the tyres: This is a no-brainer, bigger tyres do look good on your vehicle but width of the tyre to an extent where it protrudes the body of the car, is illegal.
  1. The loudness of the horn: Changing the sound and loudness of the horn is a trend nowadays but the government has declared, that to reduce the noise pollution caused by car horns, the horns cannot be louder than 100 decibels. This one is the best decision taken by the government as most of the trendy youth follow the loud music & horn into the car; which makes noise pollution & make a disturbance to the people nearby to them.
  1. Width and the length of the vehicles: Well, everyone wants a limo or an SUV but not everyone can afford it. So, people go on and hinder with the length of their cars to make it look like a Limo or an SUV. This one also not allowed by the Government too.
  1. Modification of the engine to a higher capacity one: Inter-changing your engine with a better one goes give you better horsepower and efficiency but changing the engine to other than the manufacturer’s specifications is banned too.

What are some legal car modifications in India?

Let’s take a look at what is permissible and can be still modified –

Color Modification | Car Modification
Color Modification
  1. Engine modification: Yes, the engines can be changed but it requires prior permission from the RTO (Regional Transport Office). Follow all the protocol set by the RTO can lead to cancellation of a vehicle’s registration.
  1. Minor modification: Minor fitments like door protectors, decal, rain guards etc; can be an addition to the car without any illegalities.
  1. Colour modification: You can change your vehicles colour. But it also has a condition that the colour should be the one which is RTO approved.
  1. Engine fuel: You can change the engine fuel. You can get a CNG kit fitment in your car if it’s a petrol or diesel one.
  1. Headlights and tail-lights modification: LED inserts and auxiliary lamps are safe install. And are also not consider to be illegal by the government.

So, these are the few Legal & Illegal modifications ruled by The Supreme Court of India. Modification of vehicles is precisely hard work and involves some skills but only when done properly and safely.

We hope before going for modification, you will follow all the rules and regulations.



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