Maruti Suzuki the leading car brand of 2020 and 2021

In India, many car companies are giving tough competition to other companies. But the leading and most successful company is Maruti Suzuki. Which consistently leads on the top on the market and there are many reasons for it.

Reasons of leading  
Leaders of passenger vehicles

The company holds a leadership position in the Indian passenger vehicle segment with a highly dominating market share of 49.7% as of August 2020. This has been made possible due to your initial entry into the marker and updating itself with time as per the customer needs.

Brand value

Strong brand value with a loyal customer base adds to the strength of the Maruti Suzuki cars. The company keeps its users engaged by providing them with services that many fail to complete. Autocad is the cream of the top for the company by providing customers with loyalty points in the form of a reward system.

True Value of the company

The Maruti Suzuki is the first automobile company to start second-hand vehicle sales, purchases, and exchange through its True Value entity. This enables many customers to have a second-hand car at their budget price.


The Maruti Suzuki cars come with an engine power less than 1200cc and less than 4 meters in length. This makes it liable to pay tax as that of any other major brand.


Unlike the majority of brands that come at a premium value and their services are too costly, Maruti Suzuki cars come budget-friendly with their service pricing not digging a hole in your pocket. Its after-sales service happens to be the major contributor to revenues. Plus its low fuel consumption makes it the first choice among people. And the growth rate of Maruti Suzuki will increase in 2020 and close the Market of other automobile companies. 

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This chart clearly shows that Maruti is the Leading company of 2020. Its market share and size are increasing day by day. And the Most leading car is swift. 

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According to this data, the most selling car of 2020 in Maruti Suzuki is Swift. And as you all that Swift is a very old model and known for comfort and fuel efficiency benefits. And it is the only car which is still on trend for many years. Just because of style and class.

But this car is mainly known for its fuel efficiency and the swift B1 segment model has been available with a choice of 1.2-liter petrol and 1.3-liter diesel engine along with the option of choosing 5-speed manual or auto manual transmission.

 While the diesel model offers an ARAI-tested mileage of 28.4 kmpl, even the petrol engine can manage 22 kmpl in the same test cycle with either of the transmission options.

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