Tata Hexa Maintenance That Will Help To Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Have your Tata Hexa got serviced according to the Tata Hexa maintenance schedule? If not then I suppose this article is a must-read one for you. Tata Hexa is one of the most economical cars, which has mesmerizing interior work with better driving performance and no one would say a word about this shimmery, shining outlook that it poses.

The SUV has been on road since 2017, which originates from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. 

Tata Hexa, though it owns an amazing level of features, it is very important to look after its equipment. Tata Hexa maintenance though it’s easy and manual, it’s important to follow a few tips and tricks to maintain it more efficiently. Therefore, without any further due, let’s jump into the Tata Hexa Maintenance.

Periodical maintenance is a must for enjoying the trouble-free performance. Currently, Tata Hexa service all over India as all the service networks pitch into service the car. But before going to the service station there are a few things that you need to check.

Systematic Tata Hexa maintenance:

Engine oil:

Engine Oil | Tata Hexa Maintenance
Engine Oil

After parking the car at the surface level, ensure to switch off the engine and take notice of the operating engine. If you notice that the engine is at a high temperature, settle it down after it cools down. It’s better to pull out the dipstick from the dipstick guide tube and clean it if there is dirt inside it, later insert it slowly into the guide tube till the stop and take it off once again. The oil should be between MIN and MAX, if the oil depleted to MIN or go down, make sure you top up with the recommended engine oil.

Fluid level:


There are 4 types of fluid in the car: brake fluid, windshield washer, fluid coolant fluid, and power steering. The level for these fluids is the same as Engine oil, it should be between MAX and MIN, if the level of the fluid is dropping or goes below the surface of MIN, it is required to top it up with the respective fluids. In case of any, the fluid is in contact with any kind of equipment and if there is any leakage or overspill, it is advisable to notify your trustworthy service station.


BAttery | Tata Hexa Maintenance

The electrolyte of the battery should be against the marking of the battery outer case. If the electrolyte of the battery is depleting, make sure you get a battery teaser or clean a large syringe to equalize the level of electrolyte between 6 cells. If it doesn’t work, then it’s time to replace the dead electrolyte with the new one.

It’s quite obvious that the battery terminals might have corrosion. Therefore, all you need to do is remove it and cover it with the baking soda solution. Don’t worry it wouldn’t damage anything, it comes out as bubbles and then turns into brown. When it turns to brown, make sure you wipe it off and dry the battery with a clean dry cloth. Also, coat the terminals with petroleum jelly as it will prevent the terminals from corroding.



The turbocharger rotor gets together and is backed up by two completely coasting bearing bushes within the bearing lodge. These bearing bushes can grease up with finely filtered motor oil from the oil framework of the motor. Sit still the motor for a while (one diminutive) after beginning the engine and sometimes recently ceasing the motor to guarantee satisfactory greasing up oil supply to the turbocharger.

Air oil cooler:

For automatic transmission, hot oil coming out of the transmission flows through the transmission air oil cooler and gets cooled before entering transmission again. As such it is easy to clean it would not take much effort, just a blow compressing air is enough.


Tyres | Tata Hexa Maintenance

Check for inflation and condition of your vehicle tires periodically. Check the weight within the tires when they are cold. Keeping the tires properly inflated gives you the finest combination of riding comfort, taking care of tire life, and way better fuel efficiency. Overinflation of tires makes the vehicle ride bumpy and unforgiving. Tires are more prone to uneven wear and harm from road hazards. Underinflated tires decrease our comfort in the vehicle. Taking care of inclination should prior. They also cause uneven wear and more fuel utilization.

Small information about tires: Harmed tires can cause tire inflation weight misfortune. By this, you might not have proper control over the vehicle. There could be a hazard of mischance. Check the tires frequently for signs of damage and supplant any harmed tires immediately.

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