A Simple Guide to Maintain a New Car

While purchasing any new article we look deep into its rationality as well as its necessity to us. Buying a car used to be a luxury but these days it has almost become a necessity. Purchasing any car brings up questions about prices, features, mileage, etc.
But have you wondered what does it take to maintain your car as good as new? We see so many netizens and vloggers boating of their cars and as a matter of fact, those really do seem to be in almost perfect conditions. Keeping your car healthy inside out can be a very difficult task to think about once, but if it is done on a regular basis it becomes a habit and we can actually see the car glowing and its splendor at its finest.

Here are some easiest ways you could follow to maintain your car like a pro at reasonable expenditure:

Know Your Car

First and foremost, know your car. It is almost obvious that you should know the company and model of your car. But to actually know your car one must recognize the type of engine and type of tyres for starters. You must realize that car machinery needs more attention than the exteriors. If the car machinery breaks down the complete car system will fail. Knowing in deep about your car will make you feel more connected and alert while driving and bring it to servicing, etc.

Perform maintenance regularly

Your car is a breathing object. Hence, you should know that its servicing or in simpler terms ‘oiling’ is highly needed. You are required to take care of your car as an individual or part of the family. Failing to provide necessary servicing at regular intervals can lead to severe damage and thus literally cost you a ton. The simplest way out here is to know when your car requires servicing. Enquire the company or the customer care services provided at Autoflipz to recognize the servicing cycle of your car and strictly abide by it and this would solve the maintenance problem to about 50%.

Change oil regularly

Oiling for any vehicle is crucial for two processes namely, smooth drive and proper engine function. Without oil, the car cannot run. This oiling could be in the form of fuel or in the form of the oiling of the engine. An engine needs oil to run the car smoothly, but sometimes oil gets dirty which can choke the engine from its dirt and could even cause irreversible damage to the engine machinery. So it’s better to change the oil frequently. However, every car requires a different amount of oiling, on average it is advised to check the engine oil every 45-50 days.

Regularly change important fluids

Not only Oil but there are many other fluids in different parts of car machinery that need to be substituted after a few months. Like engine oil, brake oil, power steering oil, transmission oil, and coolant. All these are important fluids in a car that need to be replaced periodically

Change filters and belts


In a new car, consumables such as filters, belts, and spark plugs also need to be inspected from time to time and replaced if found to be worn or damaged. Clogging of air and oil filters results in a loss of power and reduction in mileage. Engine belts and spark plugs, if worn, can also lead to fuel efficiency and pickup issues. Proactively monitoring these parts and addressing them in time can lead to strong performance and lower maintenance costs.

Check tyres

Checking tyres is one of the top 10 ways to maintain a new car. In the new cars, tyres are the very crucial part for the car since the car gets moved from this and this part is directly contacted from roads so it’s important to maintain it very well. The best way to maintain it is to check the pressure frequently and doing tire rotations after six months. This will give car tires long life. To know more see ways to maintain car tires.

Maintain battery

The battery of a car is responsible for its essential functioning like the headlights, the odometer display, the air conditioning, the sirens, and horns, etc. It is vital to maintain the battery of the new car. Although there is an expiration time of all car batteries we can add an extra edge to the battery life by keeping its voltage and transmittance in check. The battery is checked mostly when the car shuts down abruptly but we can get it checked every 60-80 days so as to know when it might need re-charge or changing as per the conditions.

Replace worn wipers and lights

The car’s wipers need to be checked before every monsoon. Their water tank present near the car engine (in the bonnet) must be refilled weekly. They should not be hard or leave a mark on the windshield during operation. If they do, they need to be replaced. The lights are the way a driver communicates with others on the road and are the only way he/she can observe the road. It is essential that all of them are working, or they could be a safety hazard. If even one is not working, get it replaced by a trusted mechanic.

car maintained

Clean windows

Windows are the provider of the view outside the car. Therefore, you must maintain them well, as they could hamper visibility and lead to injuries and accidents. Look for cracks or damages on them and be sure to replace them immediately if it is found to be faulty. Windows are usually needed to be protected and it can be done by installing a clear film on the window glass. This film needs to be clear and it can improve the life of the window glass and even obstruct UV rays at best.

Make your car spotless

This applies to both the exterior and interior of the car. Regular exterior cleaning and waxing can prevent rust, while regular cleaning of the interior (preferably by a professional) will prevent an odorous cabin and promote a more likable environment to drive in. By getting your car cleaned regularly it will smell nice and the materials inside will retain their splendor and comfort for a long duration.

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