Technology enabled Tools That Have Spiked The Growth of AutoFlipz

While traditional methods may have benefits today, but it is now more important than ever to use advanced Business Tools (BI) to succeed in today’s digital-driven world. AutoFlipz uses the following brilliant tools in order to bring growth, ease, and development to the market.

  1. Leadsquared

What was the need for Leadsquared at AutoFlipz?

It was becoming difficult for us to get a hold of the contact information of our large set of customers. To increase and manage the connection between customers and AutoFlipz, we came up with the idea of using LeadSquared as our tools for the growth of the company.

Leadsquared | AutoFlipz growth tools

How Leadsquared helped AutoFlipz?

AutoFlipz has come a long way, with the help of Leadsquared. It has helped our CRM Department in prioritizing and streamlining the leads. With the help of our CRM Team, we have improved our sales productivity. 

  • Our internal organization at AutoFlipz is connected with customers. We share all the updates of services with our customers. They receive SMS updates like Booking Confirmation, Reminder, Payments. Everything is completely transparent and right in the knowledge of the customers.
  • With the help of Leadsquared, AutoFlipz has a strict hold on Customer Engagement and captures the lead from all sources- Website, Facebook, Google, SMS, WhatsApp, emails- onto one platform with zero leakage. 
  • As AutoFlipz has an increased rate of customer satisfaction, it has made our customers pay more for better service. We reach our customers with the help of Leadsquared marketing and build engagement over SMS automation & e-mails that too by matching the profile of our customers making DRIP marketing successful.
  • AutoFlipz has added a new feature in Customer Help and Support i.e. Need Help, that is directly linked with Leadsquared. 
To reach us with any issue a customer can either call us or can generate a ‘Ticket’. Steps to generate a ticket-

i. Go to AutoFlipz Website

ii. Help and Support

iii. Need Help

iv. Against your Booking you will see an option ‘Generate Ticket’

While you are on this step, you will automatically see the most commonly encountered issues. Once you have submitted your concerned issue, your ticket will be generated automatically. With the generation of your ticket, the issue will be submitted to our CRM team and they will start working on it. 

The issues which require immediate attention gets highlighted and appear on the top priority of the CRM department. Issues like this are on high attention. If by chance the issue fails to get resolved by CS Team, it automatically transfers to the upper level.

With the use of Leadsquared, there is less need for manpower. Not only this but from the moment we have started using Leadsquared, AutoFlipz has saved time and has come with many cost-effective solutions! 

  1. Exotel
Exotel | AutoFlipz growth tools

What was the use of Exotel at AutoFlipz?

  1. Connecting Vendors and Customers directly can cause a great damage to any organization in the long run making retention rate to come below 5%.  Understanding the business challenge and importance of Retention in any business AutoFlipz started using the Exotel Number Masking feature which helps in protecting the privacy between vendor and customer. 
  2. There was a time when Customer A calls AutoFlipz customer care number and at the very same time, customer B calls, in this situation if we pick Customer A, then we were losing one Customer B for sure. 

To overcome this problem we at AutoFlipz started using Exotel. After using Exotel when we came across the same situation then at that pickle nor AutoFlipz nor our Customer B had to juggle! Because in a situation like this, an automated pre-recorded greeting goes to Customer B and the call gets assign to AutoFlipz’s another CRM employee.

How Exotel helped in customer communication at AutoFlipz? 

AutoFlipz uses a smartphone system (IVR) via that one can receive unlimited greet callers professionally and forward calls to the available employee. With the help of Exotel, AutoFlipz has never missed a customer’s call or SMS. All the information remains confidential and does not leak between any party.

For example-

  • AUTOMATIC CALLS TRIGGERING – Exotel helps our Customer Support Team, as when the lead gets generated automatically within 15-30 seconds a call gets connected to the customer. In this manner, we efficiently provide quick information and services to the customer, and CS Team saves time without getting to check calls again and again.

In this way, AutoFlipz relies on a smart technology-enabled solution rather than relying on traditional methods. 

  1. Twilio

What was the purpose of using Twilio at AutoFlipz?

To get over the complexities of the traditional telephony world, we had to come up with a smart solution. To Bridge the major Gap Between the Customers making a booking to actual visiting the garage, we started sending updates regarding the upcoming/missed booking over Whatsapp which helped us to increase the overall conversion rate of CAC(Customer Acquisition Cost) to CAA(Customer Acquired Activation)

How Twilio helped AutoFlipz to cope up with the situation?

AutoFlipz now uses Twilio to automate mobile communication between us and our potential customers using text messaging. If by chance a request of a customer has not been answered then they receive an automated SMS message & WhatsApp SMS from AutoFlipz with complete information. 

We connect with our customers using WhatsApp-

Twilio helps in defining the database to WhatsApp. For eg-

  • If among 10k customers only 8k customers use WhatsApp then Twilio figures out those 8k customers and send automatic WhatsApp text about their updates such as Booking Confirmation, Reminder, Pick-up, Job Cart, Payment Confirmation/link, and Warranty.
  • In this manner, it becomes easy for customers to stay updated, and we save time, money, and manpower.
  1. AWS

How the workload of data processing eased out at AutoFlipz with the help of AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and AutoFlipz started using AWS in 2020. It has allowed us to make sense of a universe of information. With the help of AWS, AutoFlipz is benefited in the following ways-

  • We are able to run our business in a more secured cloud computing environment 
  • With the help of AWS data centers all the information, identities, applications are safe  
  • With the push of AWS our employee’s ability to meet core security and compliance requirements has increased. 
  • It has helped us in automating manual security tasks so that our employees can shift their focus to scaling.
  •  Due to AWS, our top-secret workloads are safe and secure

There are others several ways via which AutoFlipz uses AWS-

i. Auto-Scaling– there comes a time when too much traffic occurs at the same time on the website. But with the use of AWS, the workload gets exactly the cloud computational resources it requires at that particular time. In this way, AWS helps our website from getting crashed and ends up balancing the website load and traffic. 

ii. AWS Security- AWS Data Protection continuously monitors and protects our accounts and workload of AutoFlipz. 

  1. Slack
Slack | Growth Tools

What was the need for Slack at AutoFlipz?

If we notice, as we open our e-mail, we come across lots of e-mails that we do not wish to see. During this time, there is a chance of missing out on marketing emails and the same happened with AutoFlipz. Now to overcome this situation we at AutoFlipz started using Slack.

How Slack helped AutoFlipz to speed up the response to customers’ grievances?

Slack helps in bringing the right people and the right information together. With the help of Slack, all the information from beginning to end is safe and secure.  

Not only this,  AutoFlipz uses Slack as it reduces the need for internal email. Moreover, Slack helps us in managing our remote team and, this brings all the open communication into one place! Tools like Slack have helped AutoFlipz in speeding up the growth in the industry.

  1. Jira
Jira | Growth tools

How AutoFlipz overcome the issue of tracking and project management with the use of Jira?

AutoFlipz is way ahead of its time, as soon as we started facing the issue of project management we started using Jira! 

AutoFlipz uses Jira Software to overcome project management issues. For eg- 

  • There comes a time, when a project might begin from a pending stage. Then the project gets shifted to an in-progress state. 
  • Just when that project reaches the completion stage, Jira allows our employees to customize workflows to meet the AutoFlipz needs.
  • The completed projects get shifted to the review stage. 
  • So by default, the Jira workflows get started! 

The benefit of using Jira is that it comes with built-in automation rule templates so that our team members don’t have to start the work from scratch. 

  1. Razorpay 

What was the need for using Razorpay at AutoFlipz?

There was a time when the issue of exchanging payments was occurring. To withhold transactional information and to keep the data of customers safe and secure AutoFlipz started using Razorpay.

What happened after the use of Razorpay at AutoFlipz? 

AutoFlipz now uses Razorpay as it is a simple integration that is completely online. AutoFlipz’s end-to-end payments are handle via Razorpay. 

  • With the help of Razorpay, we offer the most extensive set of payment options like Domestic and International Credit and Debit Cards, Netbanking, UPI, Wallet, QR Code.
  • We receive reports, statistics on payments, refunds, etc., in this way AutoFlipz makes better business decisions.
  1. Bitbucket
Bitbucket | Growth tools

Why AutoFlipz needed BitBucket?

AutoFlipz needed some platform to save the credentials so that our employees don’t have to indulge their time in the login process. With the rise in this situation, AutoFlipz came up with the need for BitBucket.

The prime purpose of AutoFlipz for using tools like Bitbucket is that it helps in managing the git repositories, collaborates on the source code, and helps through the growth and development flow. 

How BitBucket helped AutoFlipz to overcome the issues and grow at the same time? 

After the use of BitBucket, our employees now don’t have to waste time going through the login process, as it saves all the credentials and, our employees can log in, in their particular code from any time anywhere safely. Moreover, Bitbucket helps us in the following ways-

  • It helps AutoFlipz in accessing the control to restrict the access of our source code.
  • With the help of Bitbucket, AutoFlipz can move the code from one stage of development to different with help of CI/CD pipelines which is an inbuilt feature of Bitbucket
  • Tools are supported by Jenkins and Jira. It helps our other tools like Jira for full development traceability. 
  • Bitbucket has helped in providing flexibility to AutoFlipz’s employees 
  1. Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps

How with the help of Google Maps, AutoFlipz came into the sight of customers? 

Google Maps not only allows AutoFlipz mechanics to reach the destination of the customers but also AutoFlipz has integrated the API on Google Maps that allows customers to track the nearby workshops.  

  • A customer can find a nearby workshop, according to their respective location before booking.
  • Customers with the help of Google Maps can directly contact our CRM team.
  • A customer can write a review as well.

With the use of tools like Google Maps, AutoFlipz came into the sight of customers and has helped it in the growth of the business.

  1. Canva & Shutter-Stock
Canva | Growth Tools

What was the reason for using Canva and Shutterstock at AutoFlipz?

At AutoFlipz, we needed a platform to convey our msg to our target audience with the dynamic visual representation. After the introduction of Canva and Shutterstock, that issue was over. 

At AutoFlipz, we have a creative team of graphic designers. They help us by developing the visuals of our msg for our target audience. This helps us in creating awareness, shape the perception of the target audience, increase the market share and elevate AutoFlipz as a brand.

Our Graphic Designers use Canva for creating creatives and graphics for our blogs, social media creatives for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tools like this reflect on the overall growth of the business.

  • The use of Canva, makes our blog reading more fun and, helps in bringing more engagements.
  • Also, Canva helps in creating splendid gifs, memes, and videos
  • Whereas, we use the Shutter-Stock for attractive ads for the amazing offers and deals we bring for our customers. 

Apart from this, our designers use other tools such as Adobe, Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop, etc. to bring growth to the company.

A big thanks to these tools for bringing business growth and success to AutoFlipz. These tools have also helped our employees to figure out business loopholes and work on them.

It goes without saying that it is relevant to stay updated in today’s business marketplace. 

And we at AutoFlipz always stay at the top and connected with the technology-driven world!  

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