Honda to Partner with Google for In-Car Connected Services in Future Models

The new Honda car models with Google’s Android Automotive OS will be launched in North America in the second half of 2022.

Auto industry Giant- Honda and IT industry giant- Google together have announced, on 30 September, that they will partner to integrate Google’s in-car connected services with future car models of Honda. Honda will launch a new model that will have Google’s Android Automotive OS integrated. The new models will launch in the second half of 2022 in North America. 

It is another step towards enhancing User experience (UX). Moreover, a tethered connection to a Smartphone will no longer be required. Along with this, there is an addition of a whole lot of new features. 

Read on to find out.

Honda-Google Partnership

The two technology majors have been partnering since 2015 to introduce Android into Automobiles. Honda adopted the Android Auto app in its model in 2016. Android Auto is a Google app that allows users to use the features of an android device on a car’s dashboard infotainment unit. While Android Auto requires a smartphone to connect; the Android Automotive OS will be in-built and will not need a smartphone to connect to perform its functions. 

One of the Honda company executives said, “Android has a high degree in flexibility to change specifications, which benefits users.”

  “It is our great pleasure to be able to offer new value for mobility and people’s daily lives all around the world; by combining Honda’s strengths in advanced technologies in automobile development and Google’s strengths in innovative information technologies. An Operating Executive of Honda Motor Company was reported saying.

” Honda will continue to take on challenges to create new value while rapidly addressing the transformation of mobility without being bound by the conventional wisdom of the automobile industry” the executive further added.

What is Android Automotive OS (AAOS)?

Android Automotive OS
Android Automotive OS

Android Automotive is a Google Android Operating System modified for use in vehicle dashboards. The operating system performs a number of infotainment (information and entertainment) tasks such as navigation, messaging, music playback, and specific car functions such as regulating the air conditioning. 

It was launched in 2015 and its fundamental design is the same as that of a smartphone. It was first adopted by Sweden’s Volvo cars. General Motors, Ford, and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance have decided to integrate it with their models as well. In addition, after Nissan Motors, Honda is the second Japanese company that agrees on building cars integrated with Google’s Android Automotive OS. 

The OS will also incorporate into electric vehicles (EV). This will enable the EVs to search for compatible charging stations and in-route guidance. Also, with this, it will become possible to adjust battery temperatures before arrival. This will further aid in reducing the time required to charge the battery of an EV.

Key Features 

Voice Assistant | Honda Google partner for in-car connected services in future models
Voice Assistant

The key features offered by Google built-in connected services are:

  1.  Voice assistant-

 This will give more control to drivers through voice. The daily small tasks can be completed by just saying what you want to get done. Further, no smartphones will be needed to get directions, answer and listen to messages, control media, control temperature, or other vehicle functions. 

  1.  Navigation-

 The in-built google map is personalized as per the needs of the driver. Further, it also helps with other things like searching for nearest gas stations or Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, navigating, getting Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), or checking the business hours of the store.

  1. In-vehicle applications

All it takes is an internet connection and the users can download their favorite apps. Moreover, this will make listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts directly from the vehicle a whole new experience.  

Honda aims to provide in-car solutions to enhance the user experience by connecting mobility directly with user’s daily lives. 

The Japanese automobile company aims not only to take another step towards developing an environment-friendly car but also differentiate itself from its competitors through this Honda-Google tie-up. This is one of the tie-ups where Honda is making attempts to secure necessary technologies and partnerships. Honda has already worked with General Motors on EVs and automated driving. The auto industry giant has an annual sales volume of about 5 million vehicles. 

On the other hand, the tech giant- Google has always viewed the automobile industry as an area with huge potential for growth. With the Honda-Google tie-up, Google has dived deeper into the core functions of the cars. 

Some people are saying that it is an important step towards building driverless cars. However, Google has made it clear that automated driving requires a wholly different technology. Android, with its current fundamental design, will not be able to handle safety and other concerns. Similarly, for now, they will stick to using Android for improving the infotainment system of the car.

This is one of the huge steps in making in-car connected services hands-free. Google has further plans to expand this tech globally in stages. 

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