Lets hear Tarun Garg, Sales Director of Hyundai have to say for the production shift of SUVs by Hyundai.

The use of Petroleum has become the part and parcel of our daily life. It has become difficult to imagine any moment or doing anything without it. Every decision taken socially and politically about the economy of the country is directly based upon the hike and the fall of the price of petroleum.

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The sudden high prices of petroleum are affecting the life of the common people in the country. Each and everything that we use in our daily life is directly related to the rise in the price of petroleum, such as, the major sectors of the country like the automobile industry which in turn affects the transportation of various goods, textile, manufacturing, etc. Poor people who work hard to barely earn square meals a day are facing difficulties.

The pandemic situation has already affected the lights for grade extent, this rise in price feels like adding fuel to the fire. According to the statistics, the prices of Petroleum have raised at least 10 times in the past three years.

Due to the current situation, one of the leading automobile manufacturers country, Hyundai India, has declared on Wednesday that, the country is increasing its demand for automobiles that are of the diesel model, of the company. The sales director, Tarun Garg while speaking to some reporters in Domjur, Howrah, said that the diesel-run models are at least 30% more efficient than the petrol version of the same model. It is increasing demand for the diesel model among owners. In that press meeting, he also mentioned that the company is mainly concerned about the rise in fuel prices. The company sales were affected when the first wave of the Global pandemic hit India, but now by 2021, Garg says that the sales have now come back to their normal stats, and it is very much aware about the onset of the third wave.

According to the company sales, there has been a boost in demand for SUVs, and Hyundai share of this category to overall sales is 47%. According to the director, Hyundai’s market share last year was as high as 17.4 percent, the highest ever in the company’s existence in India for as long as 25 years. In the past 10 years, India has seen the launch of 10 new products of the company.

sales director, Tarun Garg

DH Park, the executive director of Hyundai India has said that the peak in the prices of fuel in the country is one of the major factors that affect the automotive industry thriving in India. He says that the company has been experiencing numerous ups and downs, in demands of various products, post the lockdown since the last year and also in the present year.
According to park, the company will be continuing, its efforts to invest in technology-based products, despite the current situation of the global pandemic. Hyundai India has also planned to introduce a market for electric vehicles in India for the mass within the upcoming few years. It is on hold because the ecosystem required for changing and the charging infrastructure has not been built yet!

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