Maintenance tips for Hyundai Xcent

With a stunning exterior and a strong diesel engine, Hyundai Xcent is the answer to Maruti Suzuki Dzire. The car is loaded with many features and improvements. With a modest budget, comfortable driving, and good mileage, Hyundai Xcent is indeed the Family Car. It is a middle-class asset. If you have a Hyundai Xcent, you might be thinking of how to keep your car in good shape and maintain it in a way to get the best out of it. We explore and teach you how to do the perfect Hyundai Xcent Maintenance, all by yourself.

Xcent Maintenance maintenance can make sure that your car stays fresh and good. The Xcent Maintenance cost is usually cheaper and will only amount to a number that is in the affordable range and Hyundai Xcent Maintenance has the reputation of being a low maintenance car which is a huge benefit.

1. Protecting your Hyundai Xcent

Cover your car | Hyundai Xcent Maintenance
Cover your car

make sure that you religiously shield your car when it is not in use. Cover it with a car cover to keep it safe from dust, particles, and even the harsh rays of the Indian sun. Most importantly the covers not only help your car keep the shine, they protect the metal parts from rust and corrosion. 

It would be beneficial if you could get a body coating done on your car too.

2. Wash your Car for Hyundai Xcent Maintenance

Wash your car
Wash your car

Oh if I had a rupee for everyone who has told me that they rarely washed their car, as the monsoons do out for them! Do not under any circumstance make this mistake. Your car is always outdoors, even if the rain washes it the dust and particles accumulate especially from the splashes of muddy water on the roads. 

It is not only this but also the fact that rains are not a car’s good friend. They are acidic (Air pollution’s boon) and washing your Hyundai Xcent will dilute and cancel out the acidic content in the rain and keep your Hyundai Xcent’s shiny paint safe and clean without any damage.

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Use the Owner’s Manual; most of the time people neglect the owner’s manual and drive to the workshops for services that your owner’s manual can teach you to do. Do not let that magic book sleep inside the dashboard. Be familiar with the workings of the car and even try some of the do-it-yourself in the book.

3. Troubleshooting in Hyundai Xcent Maintenance

When you are on the road and realize that there is something wrong with the car; this is how to get help and troubleshoot. Park your Hyundai Xcent off the street and a long distance away from traffic. Turn on your risk lighting and lift the hood to warn traffic which signals that you are in need of assistance. 

If the case is a Flat Tyres, Park on a degree and strong surface. Apply the parking brake and shift guide transmission into ‘Reverse’ or computerized transmission into ‘Park’. If you make a decision to change and remove the tire yourself, follow the steps that are detailed in your owner’s manual.

Troubleshoot the problem | Hyundai Xcent Maintenance
Troubleshoot the problem

4. Overheated in the Summers

During the hot summers, driving around the scorching heat can cause your Hyundai Xcent to overheat. In such a case, follow the temperature gauge with caution; shut off the AC, and roll down the windows to even the temperature. If the temperature does not come back to the normal range, immediately stop the car. Driving a car in overheated temperatures can be dangerous. Running the engine at a fast idle will help you to cool the vehicle down; after the vehicle has overheated due to a long hill or sitting in traffic during a hot day.

5. Check Your Oil for Hyundai Xcent Maintenance

Oil Change
Oil Change

The oil in your Hyundai Xcent lubricates and maintains the engine in a good condition ensuring that the car runs smoothly. For a good Hyundai Xcent Maintenance, we highly recommend that you fill up your oil to the maximum and check the oil every few weeks. Do not ignore the check engine light too.

6. Cleaning the Interiors for Hyundai Xcent Maintenance

Interior | Hyundai Xcent Maintenance

floor mats can easily get dirt in them and are an unpleasant sight to see in your car. To clean them, shake them off and if the dirt still clings onto the fabric; clean them with a stiff brush or vacuum them clean. It is okay to wash them with detergent, but make sure that they are sun-dried; entirely clean, and dry before placing them in the car.

It is usually recommended to wipe the glass windows with a glass cleaner. But the Hyundai Xcent’s interior is in a way that intermingles the glass and plastic; so take extra care so that the glass cleaning liquid does not get smeared across the plastic. You can use an all-purpose cleaner for the plastic parts. 

Before you clean any part of the dashboard, remember to remove and clean all the dirt and dust away before you start wiping the dashboard. Do not use strong chemicals with perfumes that may contain liquids that corrode the good metallic shine of your car. Similarly, when you wash the car’s exteriors, do not use strong detergents. The metal can handle the strong liquid. Instead, use a car shampoo that is specifically made for the purpose.

In conclusion

Hyundai Xcent maintenance is not a huge herculean task. It is the little things that you take the effort to maintain that maintain your car. You need to provide a Hyundai Xcent maintenance just in the interval of every 6 months. This will not only preserve your car’s new look but can also bring in an extra few rupees when you decide to sell it in the future.

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