How To Change A Car Air Filter

One may find difficulty in doing car maintenance jobs like changing tires, changing the oil of engines, spark plugs, etc. But changing a car’s air filter is easier than any other maintenance job. Workshops may charge us a comparatively heavy amount to change a car’s filter which can be avoided if we know the right technique.

Clean air is reaching your engine is the symbol of the clean air filter. Without an air filter, the system will become full of dirt, debris, mud damaging your engine. . If the car has a dirty air filter one may face poor engine performance or lack of power and reduced gas mileage. If these changes are found then check for the air filter. It is better to check the air filter for every oil change.

Replacing air filter with a high quality filter ensures maximum engine performance. These are the steps to change a car’s air filter.

1. Open the hood and locate air filter box

 It is the black box located on top of or to the side of your engine. The filter box usually has a big hose placed out of its side.

2. Open the air filter box and remove the dirty air filter

Open the tight air filter box. Release the grip of big metal clips that hold the top down and open the box. Remove the air filter full of dirt.

3. Place a new air filter

Make sure the new air filter is authentic and got the car’s real OEM unit. Place the air filter in the case and put the clips as they were earlier placed. Tight the screws and clips properly and see if they are installed perfectly. Do not leave any loose connection inside the air filter and its casing.  

By following these simple steps you can change your air filter at your place just in 5 minutes with a maximum investment of 1000/-. Enjoy your ride with a new change.

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