Maruti Eeco is a family-friendly car. With a 119cc BS6 engine, the Maruti Eeco is designed to take you places. Maintaining a car is very vital to its length of life and its good condition. Maruti Eeco’s annual maintenance cost for five years is Rs 18,725. After 5000 km and after 10000 km, the first service is free. Maruti Eeco maintenance tips are very affordable and fit right into your pocket.

Eeco maintenance cost is actually very low compared to other cars and if you take care of it properly, the cost and the number of visits to the mechanic can go even lower. Maruti especially is known for their excellent customer service and responds in a good way to the queries. The customer service is also the best. The spare parts are in an affordable range and they usually cost around 5,00 rupees to 5,000 rupees. Maruti Eeco maintenance is available at most service shops. Maruti’s Customer service is very friendly and shall connect you to the best Maruti Eeco maintenance.

Maruti Eeco Car Maintenance Tips:

1. Engine

Engine | Maruti Eeco Maintenance

The Engine is the most important part of the vehicle. Make sure the engine is tuned and the air filter element and spark plugs are clean. Do not forget to check the engine oils regularly. The engine oils cancel any wear and tear that your Maruti Eeco is subject to, as it keeps the parts well lubricated. Keep an eye on the oil filters as they determine the smoothness of your engine. Make it a point to check your car for leaks and any sort of damage.

2. Reverse Fuel

The petrol prices are indeed going up. But this doesn’t mean that you should hesitate to fill up your tank to the full rather than riding the Maruti Eeco on low fuels as they shorten the life of your car. The waste in the fuel (Especially petrol) can leak into the engine of the Maruti Eeco and cause damage.

3. Rough Driving

Rough Driving
Rough Driving

The city roads are not Maruti Eeco’s best friend. With sudden halts and stops that rev the engine to a stop, it is more likely that this will put pressure on the engine to get more wear and tear earlier, landing you in the mechanic’s workshop. We would advise you to switch to the highway and take more good roads to be on your Maruti Eeco’s good side.

4. Cool your car well.

The Indian climate is harsh on the Maruti Eeco. When parked under the hot scorching sun. Turn on the A/C first and open the windows for a few minutes to cool the car down and let the hot air dissolve. To speed up the process, select the fan to high speed and choose Fresh Air mode rather than the air control mode. Once the car has cooled down, you can roll up the windows and just drive in the normal way. 

For the well functioning of the AC, the condenser ought to be cleaned at intervals. Remember to spray water on the accumulated dust which will increase the cooling. Cleaning of the evaporator inside the car results in smoother air flow and quicker cooling. 

5. Do not be harsh on the brakes

Brakes | Maruti Eeco Maintenance

avoid hitting the brakes too sudden and late acceleration. Remember to lower the gear while hitting the brakes as the lower gear slows the engine down rather than the brakes which pull the wheels to a halt. You should shift into 5th gear as soon as you reach 40 kmph and then gradually accelerate to 50 kmph. Maintain a speed range between 50 and 60 kmph in fifth gear.

6. Maintain a pace of the gear


This is another maintenance tips for Maruti Eeco. A top gear speed of 50 to 60 kmph offers the most fuel efficiency. Avoid any kind of unnecessary gear changes. Try to maintain the top gear as much as possible for the smooth functioning of the car.

7. Caring for your Maruti Eeco in the Indian Monsoons

there is no Indian climate without the harsh rains that pour down. You can prevent the pipes of your Maruti Eeco from rusting as they will get wet from the rains. The exhaust pipe has to be covered with an anti-rust chrome cover. The rains are also a threat to the exterior of your car. Leaving the polish and paint in the rain can leave them rusty and without their natural shine. 

Make sure that your car has a layer of Teflon coating painted on to protect the exterior of the car. When you visit the mechanic for maintenance, ask for an anti-rust treatment to prevent rusting and corrosion from the rainwater. Following this tip is very important in the maintenance of your Maruti Eeco even after the monsoon seasons as they are more likely to get damage in rains.

8. Tyres

Tyres | Maruti Eeco Maintenance

155 R13 LT tubeless tires are used by Maruti Eeco. Maruthi opines that a tire pressure of 20-25 PSI is best suited for Indian roads. Tire pressure of 25 PSI is said to provide a better fuel economy. 20 PSI can be used for an easier and smooth drive.

The tire pressure of Maruti Eeco with load is 36 PSI and 65 PSI (Front and Back wheels). The tire pressure needs to be maintained as per the owner’s manual for the good life of the car. Suzuki Eeco Car is available in 11 variants. Maruti Suzuki Eeco tires are manufacturers by a number of popular tire companies, including MRF, CEAT, and Goodyear

Maruti Eeco maintenance tips are easy to get and is not much of a herculean task. Yet if you face any car-related issue, AutoFlipz is here for you. 

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