Baleno is a valued premium car of Maruti Suzuki. And maintenance tips of Baleno to the top of the possibilities have a great deal to prolong the lifespan of the car. The simplest tip to keep it up-to-date about its maintenance is keeping it properly lubricated, especially the engine and this is also an essential part to be done by the owner. Keeping your Baleno lubricated will reduce friction and help in the smooth functioning of the car, also preventing it from rusting all together. Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a greatly trouble-free car. In order to keep them greasy and lubricated, it is always recommended to replace the engine oil after every long drive depending on the suggestion given by the manufacturer of the car. 

DIY Tips 

In addition to maintaining your Baleno as suggested by the dealer, some maintenance tips you can do to keep your car run at its best is cleaning the interior and corner parts of the car regularly, external and internal (if any) washing of the car at the right time, steering clear from high-pressure car washes, avoiding cloth tops operation when wet, and remember to always check the gaskets and seals because they play an important role in the internal combustion process and keeps coolant and oil from mixing together. Gaskets and seals must be replaced if worn out or leaking or whenever removed during serving of the car. Not only but also, If you ever notice oil leaking from the oil filter in the Baleno, it is advisable to investigate the gasket and the seal. 

Baleno Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of Baleno 

Keeping up with the inspection and maintenance information of the Baleno provided by the owner’s manual must be true to it. Moreover, following the guide and map on how often the Baleno must be set up in a routine for a check-up; and maintenance service on a more frequent basis will prolong the life of your vehicle; and will also reduce maintenance costs. Doing so will ensure the trouble-free operation of the vehicle and enhance the life of the engine. Furthermore, this will keep the car trouble-free and safe to use anytime anywhere. 

Important tips to note 

  • It is necessary to follow the regular periodic maintenance schedule of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno as listed in the owner’s manual to keep the car in its perfect and excellent condition. 
  • This is an important measure to be taken for any warranty claims to be processed in case of any misleading. Moreover, following up with this schedule is the best primitive suggestion to maintain the vehicle at its best and to synchronize properly.
  • Besides, Baleno is an Ideally approximated automated vehicle as it is equipped with an accountable control system; which is high for the convenience features of the Baleno. It also offers hassle-free drive and this makes Baleno stand out in the spotlight. 
Oil Change
Oil Change

Maruti Suzuki Baleno maintenance

Maruti Suzuki Baleno has acceptable basic features including well peculated Power Steering and has excellent file holders; space for keeping your mobile phone and basic necessities that are handy. However, Incase of run-down of any of these features it can always be done by normally visiting the local or professional mechanic depending on the condition of your vehicle and choices you go to. Moreover, If the damaged part of the reservoir is not replaced at the earliest; continuing to drive with low power steering fluid will result in an idle outcome. Furthermore, the entire power steering system in your Suzuki Baleno can be damaged which can lead to an expensive repair. 

The oil in the car works like the clothing material for the vehicle to function properly and without any dullness; the smoothness is measured with the introduction of good quality oil and lubricants. In addition, the brake fluid also is a masterpiece as without this the movement of the steering will be resistant. Hence, resulting in the worst performance of the car.

Keeping up with the good quality oil and fluid; it is always recommended to check the oil filters to avoid the passing of the dust particles and debris to the oil. If not, the contaminated oil will spill off easily and this will drain the engine health of the vehicle. Tyre pressure also plays an important role in the running of the vehicle. The outcome to maintaining the tyre pressure is the level up in the fuel economy. The battery acts like the heart of the vehicle and without the presence of the battery the car will not work and perform its part. Therefore, always keep in mind to keep the car battery clean. 

Tyres | Baleno Maintenance Tips


Likewise, If any damage happens to the windows, they must be replaced to regain the functionality of the vehicle; as well as to refrain from unwanted damage to the interior of the Suzuki Baleno. It is purely replaceable and the maintenance cost will not demand the worst. However, in some cases, it depends on the design of the window and the layer of replacement involved. 

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