Bentley Continental offers the best of the best luxe choices when it comes to customers. With Bentley Continental, the buyers have the right to choose from a dizzying array of exterior and interior colors, the wheels, its embroidery, stitching, piping, and wood or metallic trim. Moreover, Bentley Continental has notable options across the lineup including an optional Naim premium audio system, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and adaptive cruise control.

Furthermore, 2018 introduced Bentley Continental is offered to be a convertible as a new coupe joining the lineup for 2020. For which, the convertible comes in different versions and the Bentley Continental GT is one of them. And the regular GT serves as the base. Not only this, the line expands with the Continental GT Speed. As a result, the Bentley Continental GT has a more powerful W12, and the Supersports, which produces even more power. Hence, all the Continental variants have an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. 

Bentley Continental GT 


The Bentley Continental GT is one level up in terms of power and performance. Moreover, it has the newest upgrade of standard feature highlights that includes 20-inch wheels, a fabric folding top, xenon headlights, and adaptive air ride suspension. With these, the Continental GT has upheld up to an inch of 8 infotainment screens, and an eight-speaker audio system inclusive of the satellite radio. Furthermore, the Continental GT Speed has updated a revised W12 good for 633 hp and 620 lb-ft of torque. As a result, the Continental GT speed receives 21-inch wheels and sits 10 mm lower, credit to a sportier suspension calibration. The Bentley Continental GT features the most aggressive suspension and transmission including the stability control calibration. Therefore, it adds carbon-ceramic brake rotors and brake-based torque vectoring. 

Bentley Continental Price 

The Bentley Continental GT is a great car designed to make you feel alive. The GT stands for GRAND TOURING and exceptionally the Continental’s cabin is truly grand. Besides pampering its occupants with fine leather, gorgeous wood, and handsome metal trims mixed with modern technology. It is hooped with plentiful amenities and enough cargo space for those who wouldn’t deign to pack light. Hence, the Continental GT boasts a well-balanced chassis with just the right amount of budget set for twisty canyon roads along with a smooth ride. Considering all of this greatness comes at a steep price, the car alters the eight-figure outlay just to serve and enhance the luxury at the deepest level it can dig.

Bentley Continental Basic Parts 

The luxury accessories of Bentley Continental include the following list

1. Engine parts 

2. Air conditioning system and components 

3. Fuel parts 

4. Windows and parts 

5. Electrical and exhaust 

6. Radiators and fans 

7. Accessories 

8. Brakes and wheels 

9. Transmission 

10. Suspension 

11. Cooling system 

12. Grill parts 

13. Bumper and body 

14. Headlights and taillights 

15. Front Axle 

16. Service parts 


Bentley Continental Battery 

For long-term battery life, the Bentley Continental parent-company Volkswagen has recently announced that its own ID electric vehicles would come with an eight-year battery warranty to live by its worth. Note that the Continental GT has two batteries fitted in the boot of the car. The left one is considered to be the main system battery, whilst the right is known to be the starter battery. 

Battery life 

The Battery is the most important component of a car. It is through the life of the battery that the working of the engine and the running of a car is made easy and possible. Hence, It is quite common for the battery to drain over time. For the Bentley Continental, If the key is nearby, the car will ready itself for starting which can accentuate the problem. However, it is recommended to keep a battery charger connected if the car is not going to be used for a long period of time. This will encourage the lifespan of the Continental battery. 

In case you notice the main system’s battery has gone flat, immediately turn the key anticlockwise in the ignition barrel. This will engage the starter battery as a backup. As a result, it will allow you to start the car without holding back any issues. Therefore, It is recommended to charge/replace the main battery system as this function will drain the smaller starter battery very quickly. 

Car Safety 

With safety being the priority of the luxury car Bentley Continental, check the below features – 

1. Side-hitched airbags 

The side-hitched airbags help in preventing any abdominal injuries in the side-impact collisions by inflating airbags between the passenger and the door.

2. Anti-lock brake.

Anti-lock brakes prevent the wheels from locking up against panic or in case of emergency braking. Moreover, it keeps the wheels rolling, which promotes traction to the car. 

3. Electronic stability control system 

This system helps in keeping the car from going too far or out of control by reducing the throttle and applying braking to the individual wheels. 

Bentley Continental Car: Interior 


The Bentley Continental GT has the latest in-car technology. However, its key aim is to promote amongst any newest model. Hence, Bentley focuses on old-world craftsmanship and the relatively analog nature of the cockpit. In fact, the Continental is also one of the few performance cars that any luxury car fanatic can just hop in and easily figure out how everything works, for the best. Additionally, the rear seats of the Continental GT are beautiful and seatbacks don’t fold down. The seats are of plush leather offering a devouring comfort recording the quiet interior and making the inside of the Continental a great place and convenient.

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