Car scratches types and how to fix them

Car scratches are common, inevitable, and frustrating. Nobody can tolerate scratches on their favorite car. It looks dull if any cuts, marks, or scratches show on the surface of your car. There are basically, a number of layers in the paint of your car. Broadly, there are three layers of car paint. While going away from the metal body of the car, these layers are- primer coat, color coat/basecoat, and clear coat on top. 

The marks that appear on the surface of your car due to sharp or pointed objects are called “scratches”.

Moreover, there are many types of car scratches that affect the paint in different ways and each type requires a different treatment. 

There are 3 types of car scratches mainly Clear Coat scratch, Primer level scratch, and Colour Coat scratch.

1. Clear Coat scratch

A very thin layer of clear coat protects the car paint from external harsh environments such as direct exposure to sunlight, water, acid rain, dust, etc. Moreover, if your car scratch is superficial, only then car scratch repair can be performed easily and quickly. Removal of scratches from the clear coat layer is very easy. This kind of car scratch does not extend into the color. Therefore, a clear coat scratch does not affect or remove the actual color of your car.

Clearcoat Scratch | Car Scratches
Clearcoat Scratch

Further, the cause of such car scratches can be different things such as improper washing and grabbing the door handle with keys in your hand.

2. Primer scratch

Primer Scratch
Primer Scratch

A Primer is an undercoat that provides a smooth surface for color paint on your car’s body. Further, it helps to give your car a shining, stunning, and smoother finish. 

A primer scratch is one of the deepest types of scratches your car can have and causes much more serious damage.

If your car scratches cut through the clear coat layer and expose the primer coating, this not only will ruin the car body paint but there will be a slight chance of rusting if protective measures are not taken on time.

Often, the same factors that cause color coat scratch are responsible for primer scratch. 

However, a primer scratch will take more time and expertise to fix than a clear coat scratch. Also, we recommend painting the whole part to avoid an uneven difference of paint on your car.

3. Color Coat scratch 

Color Car Scratch | Car Scratches
Color Car Scratch

These are medium-depth car scratches that go deep enough to remove the color from your car. 

These car scratches are due to moderate-heavy contact with hard objects such as hitting branches on the road or keying your car. Further, these can also happen through accidents or intentional damage from others.

How to Fix the Scratches on Your Car?

Several scratches removing treatments are available in the market depending on the severity level of the damage they cause. In case of a minor car scratch, several home remedies can be used. However, if your car suffers a deep scratch then we recommend you to go for a car scratch repair kit or body shop work. 

Let’s take a look at various methods to remove car scratches:

1. Car Scratch Repair Kit

Buying a car scratch repair kit will come in handy for the removal of superficial mild scratches. A standard car repair kit comes with a remover solution along with a buff pad. 

The steps to remove a mild car scratch through a car repair kit are:

  1. wash your car well to take off any dust from its surface
  2. In the next step, you have to apply a little of the remover solution using the buff pad on the scratched or affected area. 
  3. Wipe off the excess liquid and leave the solution to cure the scratch. 

That’s it! And you become the savior of your shiny car.

2. Rubbing Compound

A minor surface-level scratch can be removed using a rubbing compound. A rubbing compound is a thick paste that consists of a suspended abrasive compound. You can clear your car surface off of mild scratches using a rubbing compound in the following steps:

  1. Wash the affected area properly.
  2. Apply a little rubbing compound with a buffing pad or a cloth on the affected area by rubbing it vigorously in a circular motion while applying a little pressure.
  3. The above-mentioned process is repeated again and again till the scratched clear coat is removed.
  4. At last, wash and air-dry the area.

And you are good to go with a scratch-free car surface

3. Professional denting for deep scratches

If it’s a deep scratch, there is no replacement for professional denting as the solution. Professional car painting experts like AutoFlipz will guarantee ideal showroom results. Professional denting and painting involves the following steps:

  1. Washing and removing all the dust and debris from your car
  2. Removal of excess paint via sandpaper. 
  3. Application of an etch primer on the surface of the car to act as an adhesive medium
  4. The sandpaper and etch primer-ing process is repeated 2-3 times then it is left to dry
  5. Application of a matching color coat to the affected area and left to dry
  6. Application of multiple layers of clear coat followed by finishing products such as wax and polishes to protect and seal the car paint.

And your car surface is all new and scratch-free.

This whole process takes a day or two depending on the amount of damage your car has faced. 

Of all the scratch treatments discussed above, professional denting and painting is the most expensive. But it is needed because deep scratches can damage the metal body of your car. Take deep scratches seriously because a stitch in time saves nine. 

You can trust your car with AutoFlipz’s experts for treating the damage to your car’s surface at an affordable price. We provide free car pick-up and drop-off services which saves your time. You can check the progress of repair and maintenance services at every step online. 

Drive Safe and look out for car scratches in the future.

Happy motoring from AutoFlipz!

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