Characteristics of a Good Driver

Just by having good knowledge of the clutch, pedal and brakes will not make you a good driver. It’s a skill that demands polishing and upgrading. If you do not possess the correct attitude it won’t matter whether or not you have the knowledge or special skill. A good driver should be courteous to other drivers, pedestrians, and other road users.

 It doesn’t take much effort to become a responsible, safer, and a good driver. To identify whether or not you are a good driver or not, we have prepared a list of top-10 characteristics of a good driver–

  1. Skilled and knowledgeable- 
good driver

Good drivers must have control over their vehicles. It’s not about the vehicle you drive; it’s about whether or not you are a responsible driver who drives? Qualities of a good driver are identified whether he or she is skilled enough to handle any situation on the road. He should have proper knowledge of all the necessary rules and regulations.

2. A good driver has gone through enough practice

As we have learned the phrase “Practice makes the man perfect”, which in this situation is totally apt. If you want to become a good driver in the future, you must make sure that while learning to drive you are giving your 100%. Not only this but practice as much as you can, as this will enhance your ability to drive on any kind of road and will build a strong confidence. 

3. A good driver should possess self-discipline. 

Always remember, you are on a road not in a race. You have to maintain self-discipline while driving to ensure the safety of yourself and others. It’s not cool to break traffic lights or to drive without seatbelts. And if you are a good driver make sure you are alert while driving as others are not good drivers like you. 

4. Check the adjustments of all the mirrors

Any random blind spot can appear out of nowhere, so for confronting situations like that you must first adjust all the mirrors and then start with your ride. You might think of yourself as a pro but sometimes a situation can occur where you miss a blind spot, if unable to handle the situation then the ray of hope becomes your car insurance policy. But you must always adjust all your mirrors and go on with your drive. 

5. Your car shouldn’t jerk when you hit the brakes nor it should jerk when you take off.

A good driver always makes sure to use your foot smoothly and steadily when hitting the brakes. If jerky brakes will lurch your head forward then you will experience sudden launches that will smack against the headrest. So he will keep in mind to ease up on their pedals too. 

6. Using indicators in the right manner.

A good driver always uses left or right signals to indicate in which way they are going to take a turn. Even a good driver should use indicators to switch lanes, turn, and overtake. These indicators are a way of communicating with other drivers on roads to indicate, warn or alert them according to the situation. 

7. Keep a track of your wheels

Start focusing on the direction, where your wheels are going. It might seem to be difficult at the start but later with good practice, you will adopt this as a second habit. If you are a good driver possessing this attitude, it will help you save your car from encountering scratches & potholes, especially while parking a car. 

8. A good driver knows how to park correctly. 


A car should be parked in such a good manner that it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to other drivers. Parking lots are for the public, so a good driver is always courteous of others’ needs as well theirs. 

9. Don’t get distracted by other things.

Over here other things like listening to loud music, radio or using a phone. A good driver always keeps the safety of passengers and theirs in mind. You can catch up with the world later when you reach your destination. 

10. Take good care of your car

A good driver is not only the one who follows strict rules but also the person who actually takes care of his car. You must get your car service from the right service centre and there is no one better than AutoFlipz.

AutoFlipz is a one-stop solution to all your car troubles. Therefore, it is mandatory along with following the above rules, to take care of your car too by taking it for car service at regular intervals. 

Not all the driving tips will be presented to you by your driving instructor. When it comes to the adjustments of mirrors or usage of high beams, you will have to handle it, as your instructor will not always be with you, it will totally be your call according to the situation.    

So, if you’re regularly following these major steps mentioned above, we salute you! 

Keep up the good driving!

Simar Nagi

Simar Nagi

I am a linguist, I completed my M.A in linguistics from the Department of linguistics, University of Delhi. I did my graduation from Indraprastha College for Women. I am a passionate content writer.

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