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Hyundai Venue maintenance is not crucial but the ideal that supervises much of physical effort, as well as the systems and guidelines within the Hyundai boundary, is challenging. The key to keeping your Hyundai Venue top-notch and maintaining closest to perfection is the proper planning, and following up with the latest version to keep it cool and chick. Doing so with maintenance management terms and conditions makes it neutral and effortless whilst still not lacking behind the necessary points to remember. Moreover, the service system network of Hyundai Venue is also very wide and reaches out to almost every corner. One of the main reasons for Hyundai Venue to stand out in the spotlight is that the brand is very strongly built, properly designed, and provides a premium service experience to its consumers. 

There is no perfect definition to describe how you must show your skills to the maintenance of Hyundai Venue. In general, It greatly depends on the upkeep of the ownership in the various fields, and the choices to keep it real and updated. The core idea of categorizing Hyundai Venue as the best and value worth the investment is the system of the vehicle offering the undeniable quality of ride, smooth running on roads, excellent loaded features, and best-built quality. 

Engine | Hyundai Venue Maintenance

Looking for a Car? But do most have an ideal way to maintain? 

We have the exact solution for the questions that are popping right at your door. And right, you opened the right page to get your solution. We worked tirelessly to get the best solution for you and no better outcome than the Hyundai Venue. On average, there is the least rate of having a significant problem on the maintenance of the Hyundai Venue on a scale if any. Furthermore, It does not require multiple back and forth to keep it at its lane, which amounts to not quickly escalating. As a result, the overall service cost of the Hyundai venue is valued much for the money and the car has an overall provision of achieving the heart of many. 

Below is a list of some maintenance tips for Hyundai Venue 

1. Regularly check the engine oil level, turn on the engine and it is not recommended to run the vehicle right after starting, make sure the engine reaches the normal operating temperature. 

2. Then turn off the engine and rest for some minutes and allow the oil to return to the oil pan. 

3. Make sure the dipstick is wiped properly after pulling out, carefully re-insert it fully. 

4. Important Point to remember – Never overfill the engine oil and always use the Hyundai Engine oil only.

5. Cautiously check the brake fluid level before running the vehicle to avoid abnormal damages and in case of any breakdown, have the brake system checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer. Use only the specified brake fluid. 

6. Carefully check the engine coolant level and it is advised to refill the coolant on time and whenever necessary. 

7. It is very important to check the power steering fluid level because it works as the powerhouse of the vehicle. In addition, always keep the power steering reservoir at the normal temperature. This will ensure a long lifespan of the vehicle. 

Tyres | Hyundai Venue Maintenance

Hyundai Venue Maintenance Cost 

Hyundai Venue is very reliable and affordable to maintain. Moreover, the service cost is also not that high as compared to those of the same rate of price and category that falls together. On average, the maintenance cost of Hyundai Venue is approximately ₹ 1,00,000. However, this is not the exact appropriate estimation as the price and cost may differ depending on the places and location of the particular.

Similarly, FYI, the Hyundai Venue dealer has designed the vehicle in such a way that the vehicle operates into two categories. That is, Petrol and Diesel. So it must be kept in mind the cost of the oil is different in the nation and the maintenance of Hyundai Venue will show absolutely two outcomes. 

The Climate Control AC Filter for both the petrol and diesel Hyundai The venue is estimated to be true to the same. The diesel Venue has a slightly higher cost than the petrol Venue. The Hyundai Venue is the perfect deal when talking about the Engine Transmission Gear Oil (2 Litre) as it offers no replacement. 

Every 20,000 KMs or 2 Year
Venue Petrol Venue Diesel
Engine Oil & Oil Filter Air Filter Every 10,000 Kms or 1 Year whichever earlier. Every 20,000 KMs or 2 YearEvery 10,000 Kms or 1 Year whichever earlier. 

Every 20,000 KMs or 2 Years. 
Climate Control Air FilterEvery 20,000 KMs or 2 YearEvery 20,000 KMs or 2 Year 
Throttle Body Clean Basis requirement NA
Spark Plug 6 Year or 70,000 Kms 
(Turbo GDI) 
Brake Fluid Lifetime (only Inspect & Top up if required)Lifetime (only Inspect & Top up if required) 
Transmission Fluid Lifetime (only Inspect & Top up if required)Lifetime (only Inspect & Top up if required) 
Engine Coolant 5 Year or 1 Lakh Kms 5 Year or 1 Lakh Kms
Wheel Alignment, Balancing & RotationEvery 10,000 KMs or 1 YearEvery 10,000 KMs or 1 Year 
Fuel Filter Every 60,000 KMs or 6 Year 


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