Maruti Vitara Brezza- Tips For Better Maintenance

Maruti Vitara Brezza is not your average car. It is a powerful SUV that is one of the best in its price range and A well-rounded package that comes with an abundance of features and offers good performance, the new Vitara Brezza satisfies in all areas. Do not worry, Brezza Maintenance may seem like a huge big deal, but we have got you covered as in this article we shall explore the ways to maintain your Maruti Breeza and the ways for proper Brezza Maintenance.

It has a powerful 1462 cc engine that offers up to 17.03 to 18.76 kmpl mileage. Maruti Brezza is a 5 seater SUV that runs on petrol and has been decorated with a number of accolades including the ICOTY (Indian Car of the Year) 2017 award, Compact SUV of the year award, and The Automobile of the Year award. 

Maruti Brezza Maintenance Cost

The customer will only have to pay for only for any part change or liquids for the first three services. For every 10000 KM, an average charge of Rs. 10000-12000 is required. The majority of the charge is labor. For five years, the maintenance cost for the Maruti Vitara Brezza is approximately Rs. 33,095. For the first, second and third services, the costs are respectively Rs. 2397, Rs. 8507 and Rs. 6087. The minimum distance traveled by Maruti Vitara Brezza for its first service is 10000 kilometers.

Check Your Oil

Check and Change Oil | Brezza Maintenance
Check and Change Oil

Most often the root cause of many car-related problems is none other than neglecting the oil of the car. Motor oil that isn’t clean and free-flowing can cause serious problems, which can result in expensive and detrimental problems, which will eventually cause our car not to run at all so is essential that your engine has clean oil, and routine oil, and filter changes. Allow your automotive specialist to inspect the quality of your oil and replace it with clean oil before dirt and debris can damage it.

Brush up on your Users Manual

Do not let the owner’s manual sleep inside the Dashboard, covered in a layer of dust and Neglect. In fact, the major tips that you need for Brezza Maintenance are right on the pages of the Manual so Be familiar with your Brezza for keeping the car in good condition. It has valuable information like tire pressure, Manufacturer-recommended types of oil for your car that have the right viscosity.

Buy only recommended Spare parts

Do not stray away from recommended spares and lubricants. if you buy thicker Engine oil than what is prescribed, it will cause fuel consumption to increase by 2 percent. In the case of a second-hand car, take extreme care in choosing the kind of oil that you want.

Importance of Tire Pressure

It is important to know the tire pressure of your car. Tire pressure can vary from different car to car. For those who are not familiar with the concept, let me explain. A specific value of tire pressure should be maintained in your tires. The manufacturing company’s Standards- to ensure that the vehicle functions in a healthy manner. For Brezza Maintenance, these are the company-mandated tire pressures. 

Tyres | Brezza Maintenance

The Brezza Maintenance for Tyres 

The Vitara Brezza is equipped with 52 different tires models from renowned brands including CEAT, MRF, and Bridgestone. The cheapest tire to be had for the Vitara Brezza is the Kenda, at Rs 3400 and the most expensive is Bridgestone at Rs 10500 is the maximum expensive.

Without Load

With Load

Front 33 PSI

Front 36 PSI

Rear 33 PSI

Rear 41 PSI

Wheel Balancing

The periodic maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual recommends wheel balancing as often as suggested by the drivers’ manual whenever the wheel suffers a puncture and the mileage of the SUV also plays a role in Brezza Maintenance. Thus pay keen attention to the driver’s manual and do not neglect the driver’s manual or sleep on the schedule.

Engine Overhaul

Engine | Brezza Maintenance

Another important part of Brezza Maintenance is to keep your eyes open for any of the following indications that you may need an engine overhaul, which means that you need to take your car to a workshop. 

  • Increased engine oil utilization.
  • Noise from the Engine bearing
  • Piston slap noise
  • Fuel consumption that exceeds the limit

If you notice any of these in your car, do not hesitate to connect with us for an immediate auto checkup and repair.

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We offer many services like :

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Take Advantage of the Mileage

While driving the Brezza, ensure that you drive between 45 and 55 km/h and you can arise to forty% more mileage at forty km/h. the usual amount is eighty km/h. Keep a steady acceleration rate and do not fluctuate between the acceleration. When you carelessly shift your gear it can burn up to 20 percent of fuel consumption, also when you drive through the city make sure that you change the gear to a higher gear. Make it a point to not ride to the clutch as it can ruin the clutch and damage the clutch lining. The way you treat your car is an important factor of Brezza Maintenance

Mileage | Brezza Maintenance

Periodic Checkups

This part is highly essential for Brezza Maintenance. We cannot stress how important periodical maintenances are important in the well being of your car. There is a prescribed time limit that is set for your car to be maintained, so make sure that you follow the schedule religiously as not only it will extend the life of your car, it will allow you to benefit from the warranty period if any of your car parts fail within the warranty period. this will not only save the life of your car but also maintain it very well, so as to not run to the workshop with recurrent damages. Vitara Brezza Maintenance is available at AutoFlipz.

Customer Care

Anyone who has actually used a Maruti car would never forget to appreciate the impeccable customer service that they provide. And in the Maruti Brezza maintenance, The customer service of the Maruti will come to help. They are always ready to hear your complaints and fix them at the earliest without any inconvenience.

These are the links that will connect you to Maruti customer care.

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